Middle School
About Us

Brilliant Minds Christian Academy of Technology students in grades 6-8 will develop a solid academic foundation and a love of learning. Students will draw upon that foundation to explore the world through project-based learning and thematic studies in science, math, and the humanities. Through service learning, Brilliant Minds seeks to cultivate students who are responsible citizens in the local and global community. In addition, Brilliant Minds students will build relationships with community mentors to extend their learning beyond the classroom.

Brilliant Minds Christian Academy of Technology focuses on meeting the needs of each child by challenging our high achievers with advanced academic programs or providing our average students with as much one-on-one attention as possible. We offer a progressive curriculum, bilingual education, the latest technology, hands-on learning, a family-style environment, very small classes, numerous extra-curricular classes & much more! The entire curriculum will also emphasize biblical ethics, STEAM and character development. With small student-teacher ratios, our teachers can focus on meeting each child's individual needs as ​they teach them with love.

Our students are encouraged to be leaders, innovators, explorers, and creators and to excel by reaching ​or exceeding ​their potential. We focus on ensuring that each child is happy and grows up to be responsible, ethical, and successful adults of tomorrow. Our very small student-teacher ratios, family-style environment, individualized learning, teachings of character education and core values, and emphasis on Christian education, make us unique.