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The best discipline is self-discipline. The policies of the school are designed to help students and faculty work with each other in a pleasant atmosphere. We expect the student to know the rules and obey them.


Each teacher is given the liberty of making and enforcing classroom expectations in a manner that they feel is in accordance with school policies and administrative directives. Each classroom teacher will provide students with instruction on specific classroom rules and procedures. Once learned, students will be expected to follow these with occasional reminders. Repeated misbehavior will result in warnings, and finally, consequences.


To establish reasonable consistency in the school, a uniform Discipline Policy has been developed. The school administrators and teachers are responsible for discipline and will determine the level of the behavior and its appropriate consequence. Consequences may include detention, suspension, and expulsion.


A demerit system will be used for grades 6-8. Students receive demerits for Level I, II, & III infractions. The number of demerits is based upon the severity of the infraction and the number of previous infractions. For every 3 demerits earned, a student is assigned to a Detention.

A student who accumulates 30 demerits during the school year may be dismissed at that time.


Level I Discipline: Level I offenses are minor acts of misconduct which interfere with orderly classroom procedures, school functions, extracurricular activities, or a student’s own learning process.

Examples of infractions of a Level I offense include:

  • disrupting class
  • disrespectful conduct
  • horseplay without injury
  • chewing gum
  • prohibited items in school (non-educational items)
  • not following classroom rules
  • throwing objects
  • hurtful or harmful language
  • failing to complete assignments
  • misuse of technology
  • uniform violations
  • tardiness

Actions taken for a Level I offense may include:

  • 1 demerit
  • temporary loss of privileges


Level II Discipline: Level II offenses are intermediate acts of misconduct that require more serious intervention, including repeated misconduct of Level I offenses, inappropriate acts against persons or property but without seriously endangering the health or safety of others.

Examples of infractions of a Level II offense include:

  • repeated level I offenses
  • missing detention
  • blatant disobedience
  • vandalism
  • leaving the campus without permission
  • lying
  • stealing
  • bullying (verbal or physical threat of harm)
  • language infractions (vulgarity, gossip, slander, offensive slang, etc.) ● public displays of affection (holding hands, kissing, etc.)
  • student parking violations
  • inappropriate reading materials, music, pictures, etc. at school
  • cell phone violation (first offense)
  • sexual harassment
  • physical assault without injury

Action taken for Level II offense:

  • 3 Demerits
  • Detention OR Suspension (for 1 – 3 days)


Level III Discipline: Level III offenses are serious acts of misconduct, including repeated acts of Level II offenses, serious disruptions of the orderly conduct of the school, and threats to health, safety, or property.

Examples of infractions of a Level III offense include:

  • repeated Level II offenses
  • missing detention two or more times
  • fighting
  • cheating/plagiarism
  • malicious vandalism
  • drinking or possession of alcoholic beverages at any time
  • use or possession of tobacco products/e-cigs/vaping at any time
  • use or possession of illegal or unprescribed drugs at any time
  • sexual immorality
  • sexual assault
  • gambling
  • involvement in witchcraft, the occult, or astrology
  • skipping school or class
  • cell phone violation (repeated offense)
  • viewing of, or distribution of, pornographic content at school
  • possession of fireworks, matches or lighters on school grounds
  • possession of any weapon (whether real or fake) on school grounds

Actions taken for Level III offense:

  • 5 Demerits per day suspended
  • 'Suspension (from 1 to 10 days) or Expulsion or Dismissal


Public displays of affection or sexual comments or actions are not permitted at school or school-related functions (field trips, etc.)


While we understand that student behavior off campus is the responsibility of individuals and families, behavior that jeopardizes the testimony of the school will not be ignored. Conduct in 22 violations of our expectations, whether it occurs inside or outside of school may be grounds for disciplinary action and/or expulsion. This conduct includes alcohol consumption, use of illegal drugs and misuse of legal drugs, viewing or distributing pornography, fornication, bullying or cyberbullying, and criminal activity


Students are expected to come to school prepared each day for the learning activities in which they will participate. This includes textbooks, paper, pencil or pen, homework assignments, project materials, student devices, etc. Items that are not relevant to the educational process are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to toys, electronic games & players, cellular phones, photos, sporting equipment, weapons, drugs, tobacco products, and alcohol. Any prohibited items found in a student’s possession or on the school campus (backpacks, purses, vehicles) will be confiscated by the school and held by the administration. A parent will be required to come to the school and retrieve the item. It will not be returned to the student.


The school reserves the right to search a student’s person and belongings (including automobile, desk, purse, backpack, cubbies, gym bag, or electronic devices) in the event the school suspects the student possesses an unapproved item or is engaged in an activity that violates a school rule or policy. The search may be conducted without the student’s or the parents’ permission, and that registration of the child in the school constitutes parental consent to such searches


Please note that all electronic devices, including, but not limited to cell phones, laptops, tablets, iPads, headphones, Airpods, and portable gaming devices are always prohibited at Brilliant Minds Christian Academy of Technology for students in grades 6-8. This includes before and after school, lunch, study halls, PE, assemblies, on school vehicles/buses, and on field trips. (Middle school students may use a phone after school to communicate with their parents via call or text.)


A student using a cell phone or other electronic device in violation of the established guidelines will receive detention on the first offense. A second offense will result in a one-day suspension. Continued repeated offenses will result in a multi-day suspension or expulsion. In each instance, the device will be confiscated, and a parent will be required to retrieve it from the school office

A student suspected of using a cell phone or electronic device to aid in cheating, to send, request, or access inappropriate material, or to engage in online bullying, will be suspended or expelled. If a teacher suspects a student has a cell phone or other prohibited device, the teacher will require the student to turn it over. If the child refuses, or denies having the device, he will be sent to the school office where he will be searched. If he refuses or is found to be lying, he will be expelled.


“Sexual Harassment” means unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, visual or physical conduct of a sexual nature.  Brilliant Minds Christian Academy of Technology is committed to maintaining an academic environment in which all individuals treat each other with dignity and respect, and which is free from all forms of intimidation, exploitation and harassment, including sexual harassment. Brilliant Minds Christian Academy of Technology is prepared to take action to prevent and correct any violations of this policy. Anyone who violates this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination or expulsion.

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